Reasons why Women Hire call boys for sex in Bangalore

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Would you like to enjoy the extravagant friendship of a call boy. In this article, we dive into the universe of escort service in bangalore and how you can track down the ideal call boy close to you.

Call boy is one kind of escort service or male escort job in which male or young boys continue relationships with rich, alone, sex-needy women. Callboys satisfy the sexual desire of women, and women satisfy Gigolo’s money desire.

Now a big question arises: why do women need to call boys for sex and pay them for that pleasure moment when they can get men for sex free from their locality, friends, or acquaintances?

Why do women need Bangalore escort services?

Well, on this discussion, many people give their opinions, and we conclude that if you think that women book call boys only for sex, then you are completely wrong.

Most women or girls don’t need only sex; they want someone’s presence in their life who spends some good time with them. It’s all about quality time. High-profile women or girls have enough money but no male partner to provide them with pleasure because their men are too busy with their businesses.

That’s why they need other gigolo call boy, but they can’t prefer men from their own locality due to their social reputation.

Reasons Why Women Hire Escort Services for Sex in bangalore

  1. Most of the cases in which women hire call boy in Bangalore are when their husbands are more interested in money-making than love-making. Wives of rich men approach call boy sex because, most of the time, their husbands are busy making money and don’t get a chance to understand their wives’ needs or problems.
  2. High-profile business ladies, basically those who travel to places for business purposes, stay away from home most of the time. They need some relaxation whenever they are stressed out. So, they hire escort services in that case.
  3. Another reason for women to rent a sex job in Bangalore is that most of the men who work abroad and come home only once or twice a month are wives of such men and lack their husband’s love and sex. When they get desperate and have a high desire for real sex, they prefer to hire a call boy near me. It is the best and safest way to relax and have fun.
  4. Many widows and divorced ladies also hire indian call boy as they don’t have a male partner, and they can’t continue relationships with other men in their locality as it may create social issues for them. So, hiring a call boy job in bangalore is the best way.

How to become a bangalore call boy?

Before call boy job apply, make sure you understand the terms and conditions: –

  • You should be acceptable, respectable, and know Hindi or English.
  • The candidate should be perfect and clean.
  • The characteristics are acceptable habits, a good demeanour, and great relational abilities.
  • You should spruce up as per the events.
  • Candidates should not be dependent on medications or liquor.
  • The significant thing is that you should not be influenced by any S.T.D.
Call boy jobs in Bangalore

The cycle to turn into an expert callboy in Bangalore

There are many bangalore escort service locales who scan proficient and invigorated individuals for male escort administration. In the wake of satisfying the accompanying stages, one can be a fruitful escort. The significant advances are,

Stage 1: Visit the authenticated site,

Stage 2: Upload wonderful pictures and real information.

Stage 3: Verify your email and phone, and transfer the Adhar card or Pan card to activate your profile.

Stage 4: You will get calls from female customers searching for a call boy from your city.

Stage 5: Present for the meeting and get paid from the client

Salary of call boy jobs in India

Salary: You get paid 15K to 20K depending on your service time, number of clients, and additional services.

Working place: You will get 4-10 clients per month.

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