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What is male escort or callboy service?

In simple words, it can say that a man who goes on a date with a female client and usually involves in sex activities like dating, dancing, sex on bed for money is called male escort service.

Escorts jobs can be single, double or a group of men according to the requirement of female clients. Male escorts are hired by women or college girls to fulfil their own sexual desires.

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Chennai The place where fantasies are born and realized! This bustling metropolis is a city unlike any other. The hustle and bustle of life on the streets creates an atmosphere that is both unique and inspiring. Chennai is a city full of surprises.

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Some Basic idea about male escort jobs: –

If you really interested to apply in play boy job the before knowing all think firstly you need to know about the escort playboy job.

The play boy job mumbai has a lot of demand among high profile women in metro city India. Generally, this service is all about giving a better companion to a high-profile women/college girl in dating or real sex.

Male escort service in chennai

Why is call boy sex job market more demanded in India?

Most of the cases in which ladies call boy booking for sex are when their partners are more interested in money-making than love-making.

High-profile married ladies or college girl approach gigolo service because, most of the time, their partners are busy making money and don’t get a chance to understand their wives needs or problems.

Why do women hire Mumbai male escorts?

There are different reasons why do ladies or girls hire mumbai call boy. Many ladies or girls have stressed sexual life and do not get any pleasure from their husbands or boyfriends. Both genders have identical sexual drives. This is why many Mumbai women seek male prostitution.

Which types of women looks for Indian gigolo service?

Here are some types of women who want men to gigolo in mumbai service:

  • Divorced Woman
  • Widows
  • Job Holders
  • Dissatisfied Housewives
  • Adult Girl

How To Prepare Yourself Before play boy joins?

Before join playboy club you have quality of below things: –

  1. Ideal Body- Your Height & weight according to Age should be ideal.
  2. Manner- Confirm to develop Good Manners & decent behaviour inside you.
  3. Language- You need to know either Hindi or English.
  4. Clean & hygienic- You must get to be clean and hygienic.
  5. Bad Habits- You must abuse of Drugs & Alcohol

How to apply call boy job?

There is some procedure before apply call boy registration

  • Search some gigolo genuine web site like
  • Fill out all your details in their registration form.
  • Upload some 5-6 beautiful images.
  • Verify your profile by using the Email verification link.
  • Meet them and meet their needs and get paid

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Salary of escort call boy job

Salary: You get paid 15K to 20K depending on your service time, number of clients, and additional services.

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